Harashta Haifa Zahra Wins Miss Supranational 2024: Indonesia's Triumph on Global Stage

Indonesia's Harashta Haifa Zahra Crowned Miss Supranational 2024

In a dazzling night filled with glitz, glamour, and global representation, Harashta Haifa Zahra, a 20-year-old environmental engineering student from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, was crowned Miss Supranational 2024. The grand finale, held in Nowy Sącz in Małopolska, Poland, saw competition among 68 stunning delegates from around the world, each vying to take home the prestigious title.

Zahra's victory marks a significant moment for Indonesia, showcasing her exceptional talent, beauty, and poise on a global stage. The event saw her succeeding Andrea Aguilera of Ecuador, who gracefully passed on the coveted crown. This triumph cements Zahra's status as a leading figure in the international pageantry scene and highlights her journey from a dedicated student to a global beauty queen.

The Journey to the Crown

Harashta Haifa Zahra's path to winning Miss Supranational 2024 was anything but ordinary. Born and raised in Bandung, she has always been passionate about environmental issues. Her background in environmental engineering gave her a unique platform to advocate for sustainability and green practices, making her an inspiring figure for the younger generation. Her advocacy, combined with her charm and intelligence, undoubtedly played a role in her winning the title.

Throughout the competition, Zahra consistently impressed both the audience and the judges with her eloquence, grace, and determination. Her performances in the preliminary rounds were lauded, and she quickly emerged as a front-runner in the competition. Whether in the swimsuit segment, evening gown parade, or the question and answer round, Zahra's confidence and poise never wavered.

The Final Night

The grand finale of Miss Supranational 2024 was held with much fanfare and celebration. An array of cultural performances and vibrant displays set the tone for what was to be an unforgettable evening. The pageant was not just a display of beauty but a celebration of diverse cultures and talents. Each contestant brought a piece of their homeland, enriching the stage with their unique cultural heritage.

As the night progressed, tension and excitement filled the air. The finalists were announced, and Zahra's name resonated through the hall as she secured a spot in the top. She faced tough competition from Jenna Dykstra from the United States, Justýna Zedníková from the Czech Republic, Isadora Murta from Brazil, and Chanelle de Lau from Curacao, who also made it to the top five.

The Winning Moments

As the final results were unveiled, Harashta Haifa Zahra was announced as Miss Supranational 2024. The moment was met with thunderous applause and a standing ovation from the audience. The joy on Zahra's face was palpable as the crown was placed on her head, marking a triumphant moment not just for her but for her country, Indonesia.

Jenna Dykstra from the United States clinched the position of the 1st runner-up, followed by Justýna Zedníková from the Czech Republic as the 2nd runner-up. Isadora Murta from Brazil and Chanelle de Lau from Curacao were declared the 3rd and 4th runner-ups, respectively. Each of these women showcased remarkable talent and grace, making it a closely contested competition.

India's Proud Moment

India's Sonal Kukreja made it to the Top 12, an accolade that brought pride to her nation. Her remarkable performance throughout the competition earned her applause and admiration. Kukreja's journey in the pageant highlighted her dedication and hard work, and her ability to make it to the Top 12 amidst such stiff competition was a testament to her capabilities.

The Esteemed Judges

The 2024 edition of Miss Supranational was judged by a panel of highly esteemed individuals from various fields. The judges included Polish producer Ewa Wachowicz, Ninja Warrior Poland champion Katarzyna Jonaczyk, and Vietnamese supermodel Nguyễn Huỳnh Kim Duyên, among others. This diverse and experienced panel ensured that the decision-making process was thorough and fair, lending credibility to the final results.

A Platform for Change

Harashta Haifa Zahra's win is more than just a personal victory; it is a platform for change. Her background in environmental engineering and her passion for sustainability positions her as an advocate for important global issues. As Miss Supranational 2024, Zahra has the opportunity to amplify her voice on a larger platform, advocating for environmental conservation and sustainable practices.

Her journey serves as an inspiration to many young individuals who aspire to make a difference. It underscores the importance of using one’s platform and influence for the greater good. Zahra’s win is a reminder that beauty pageants are not merely contests of physical beauty but arenas where impactful advocacy and intelligence are celebrated.


The crowning of Harashta Haifa Zahra as Miss Supranational 2024 is a moment of pride for Indonesia and the global community. It highlights her dedication, intelligence, and commitment to important causes. As she embarks on her journey as Miss Supranational, Zahra is set to make a significant impact on the world stage. Her triumph reminds us of the power of passion and perseverance and the importance of advocating for meaningful change.