Prada L’EAU AMBRÉE EDP 80ml Parallel Import FREE SHIPPING


Prada L’EAU AMBRÉE EDP 80ml Parallel Import FREE SHIPPING

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Prada L’EAU AMBRÉE EDP 80ml Parallel Import FREE SHIPPING.Parallel Import Fragrances straight to your door, for a fraction of the price and free door to door delivery.Our fragrances are parallel imports. They are boxed and sealed in their original packaging. No claims are made on these products and no false promises.Our Parallel Designer Fragrances can present at times a variance in either colour or smell, due to us sourcing seconds or rejects only, however 99% of the time they 100% perfect, lasting up to 8-10 hours as per normal.Our Fragrances are ideal for every day use, gifts or stock to hold in your shops. We strive to make it possible for everyone to find what they are looking & get it delivered in the comfort of your own home.Our Fragrances are Distributed from local warehouses in South Africa, where they have been imported from our international sources. Our Fragrances are oil based and last between 6-8 hours however can differ from person to person / skin type to skin type.If you are a “fragrance head” that loves the originality of fragrances from store bought brick and mortar, please stick to your current buying arrangements.Please note these are parallel import fragrances. They do come in original boxing and packaging. Perfumes are not local and purely imported.These fragrances may present a 1-3% smell or colour variance but are absolutely perfect 99% of the time.PLEASE DO NOT COMPARE THESE PERFUMES TO THOSE YOU WOULD FIND IN YOUR LOCAL STORE. Some Perfume may have older packaging than the newer available ones in retail stores, as designs are improved frequently.In certain cases, small defects may be present (damage to boxes or loose/broken/dented caps or small scratches, colour variance), but in most cases they are 100 % perfect. We can also not do refunds on these small defects.


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